Pilgrim's Oak will be instituting the following temporary rules and regulations upon opening of the golf course on May 1st.  Please become familiar with these rules and be prepared prior to arriving for your tee time.  Thank you in advance for your help with this.  We appreciate everyone's support during these difficult times.

  • All socially distancing guidelines will be followed according to current regulations.  Golfers must remain 6 feet away from one another at all times.  Golfers will need to have masks with them to wear when entering the building to use the restrooms.
  • Players may not load golf clubs onto carts more than 25 minutes prior to scheduled tee times.  There will be strict check in procedures set in place.  Players may not enter the practice areas more than 20 minutes in advance of scheduled tee time (whether walking or riding).  Driving range will be limited to the 20 minutes prior to teeing off and based on availability.  Anyone arriving prior to these times must remain inside of their cars in the parking lot.  No Loitering will be allowed.
  • Golfers will be limited to one golfer and bag per cart. (This will limit the number of riding tee times available).  Players living in the same household will be permitted to ride together.
  • All tee times will be prepay only either over the phone or through online bookings.
  • All flagsticks are to remain in place at all times. Cups will be adjusted so that players can retrieve their golf ball without reaching down into the cup.
  • On course porta-pots will be closed.  Bunker rakes, water coolers, sand bottles, ball washers and trash cans will be removed as well.
  • The Pro Shop and snack bar will be closed.  Only the downstairs restrooms will be available for use.  Restrooms must be entered from the door facing the parking lot.   Restrooms will be cleaned frequently throughout the day.  Please bring your own beverages and snacks/food.
  • Extra trash receptacles will be placed near the parking lot. Golfers will be asked to personally dispose of all trash after their round.  No trash cans will be on the course so please keep all trash in your golf cart prior to finishing the round.
  • Golfers will be expected to leave the golf course immediately after play to eliminate congestion in the parking lot.
  • Golf Carts will be washed and sanitized after each round.
  • No extra ride-alongs (non-golfers) will be permitted. Absolutely no exceptions!
  • Due to limitations on the number of carts, some tee times will be made available as “walking only” tee times.
  • Walk Up tee times are not permitted.  All golfers must make arrangements in advance.  Golfers will not be permitted to enter the course after 5:30 pm.
  • All riding golfers will be expected to finish in 4 hours.  Players are to practice "ready golf" procedures at all times.  Studies from other states have shown that pace of play has significanlty increased with individual riders on golf carts.  Go directly to your own ball and safely (make sure you are clear of other golfers) hit your next shot until your group meets at the green.

We will continue to update this page as we receive more information. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in these unprecedented times. Stay Safe! - The Staff at Pilgrim’s Oak