Pilgrims Oak Golf Association

Wednesday League

Rules for 2019

1. The league will start April 3rd and run through September 18th. The points for the monthly and yearly prizes will start May 1st and end September 18th.
2. A weekly fee of $7 dollars is required. $5 dollars goes toward that days prizes.
(including closest to the pin). $2 dollars will go towards monthly and end of year prizes.
3. An optional net cash skins game will also be available for $3, and an optional gross skins game will be available for $5 (Gross Skins can only be won with birdie or better. Pars will not be eligible to win a gross skin).
4. You must play with another member of the Wednesday league.
5. Flights will be determined based on the number of participants. If we have more than 20 players there will be 2 flights. 1st flight are eligible for Gross and Net prizes, 2nd flight are eligible for Net Prizes only. Must play from the White Tees to be eligible for gross prizes.
6. Scorecards must be turned in to Pro Shop at end of round. Failure to do so will result in disqualification for the week.
7. There will be a running point total to award monthly and yearly prizes. Points are accumulated on how you finish in each weeks format.
8. This is an individual league, however May 29th and July 31st there will be a two person event. You may pick your own partner.
9. We will use only your Wednesday League scores to calculate your handicap. So if you have a GHIN Handicap that is fine and you can still post your Wednesday scores for your official USGA Handicap. But Pilgrims Oak will keep a Wednesday League Handicap with only Wednesday league scores.
10. Pilgrims Oak will post your Wednesday scores in the League handicap system. You are responsible for posting your scores for your USGA handicap.
11. We will use your GHIN Handicap until you have posted 3 league scores. If you do not have a handicap, you may speak with someone in the pro shop to figure out an appropriate handicap until you have enough scores for an official one

The 2019 League Schedule can be found here: 2019 Wednesday League Schedule

Flights: The league this year will be flighted according to the players handicap after tee adjustments are made.

If league has between:

  • 16-30 - Two flights
  • 31-46 - Three Flights
  • 47+ - Four Flights


  • Points will be given out equally in each flight for both gross and net places.
  • The amount of points given will be determined by the number of players in the league for that day.
  • There will be only one points standing.

POGA Results


Results 9/18/2019


1st Flight Gross

                                                                           1st           Austin Beiler           82           $16

                                                                          2nd          Randy Yoder           84           $14

                                                                          3rd          John Simansky        87           $12

1st Flight Net

                                                                       T-1st              Jim Henkel              64        $15

                                                                       T-1st           Scott Sebring          64         $15

                                                                           3rd          Doss Sams               69         $12


2nd Flight Net

                                                                            1st           Bill Kimble              57           $16

                                                                            2nd          Darren Neff            59           $14

                                                                           T-3rd       Jerry Kennedy        64           $11

                                                                           T-3rd      Karen Miller             64           $11

                                                                            5th        John Ewen                66           $8

                                                                           6th          Chuck Allport          67           $7


Closest to the Pin $7.25 each

#4: Ron Van Norman 4' 5"

#8: Karen Miller 8’ 7”

#12: Harold Sample 9’ 7”

#17: Bill Kimble 4’ 4”

Net Skins $19.80 per skin

#2: Darren Neff

#3: John Simansky

#6: Brad Beiler

#11: Harold Sample

#12: Don Casler

Gross Skins $11.65 per skin

#3: John Simansky

#6: Brad Beiler

#10: Brad Beiler